Utilize Joker India's vibrant and eco-friendly Modeling Clay to shape your child's lively dreams into tiny realities. As it is non-sticky and easy to mould, it is soft on your child’s hands. The Joker Modeling Clay is a perfect choice for making school project models or decorating your kids' shelf with creative clay showpieces.

Moulds of interesting shapes comes in handy with the clay. The modelling clay is available in seven vibrant and attractive colours, and it is non-toxic, safe to use and stretchable

Modelling Clay

Modelling Clay (7 Shades)
100 g

M.R.P. per

₹ 40.00

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Were you aware

Paper Clay, Polymer Clay, Ceramic Clay, Oil Based Clay are some of the different types of clay. Polymer clay is a synonym for Modelling Clay. Though it is called “clay”, usually polymer clay contains no clay minerals?! Apart from crafts and arts, modelling clay is also extensively used in the animation industry to manipulate static forms, from frame to frame.