Your Joker wash painting color brushes are traditionally made from special quality wood for handles and fine bristles. This not only gives it an attractive look but also enhances the active usage. These brushes are manufactured to suit the needs of professional wash painting artists as well as students. The brush hairs are tapered to a fine point allowing the user to stroke an even thin line of paint.

The wash brushes from Joker are available in Hog Hair types and under various sizes and packs. Our specialized brushes enable you to shade your artwork by using specific brushes for particularly long and thick strokes! These are specially used for acrylic and oil colors.

Synthetic Hair Wash Brush
6 ₹ 55.00
12 ₹ 60.00
18 ₹ 80.00
25 ₹ 100.00
37 ₹ 120.00
50 ₹ 140.00
62 ₹ 170.00
75 ₹ 200.00

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Did You Know?

A stroke of wash painting cannot be changed or erased, making ink and wash painting a technically demanding art-form requiring great skill, concentration, and years of training!