Joker is a leading manufacturer of crayon in India. Our wide range of coloring and shading materials are available through our distributor and stockists across the country.

Our crayon products are completely non-messy and easy to work with. The blunt tips make them safe for use by children during their creativity and drawing classes. These wax colors are completely non-toxic and available in a wide variety of packs and sizes.

These wax crayons are tested for quality, toxicity and only then packed for selling. These wax crayons are of the highest quality and come at an affordable price.

Wax Color Crayons

Wax color crayons (10 sticks)

Art crayons size

55 mm x 6.8 mm (length x diameter)

Art crayons packing

20 Units

Wholesale pack in corrugated box

960 Units

M.R.P. per

₹ 6.00

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The word crayon dates back to 1644, from a French word craie (chalk) and the Latin word creta (Earth). The history of crayons is not entirely clear but thousands of years ago, the Egyptians perfected a technique of using hot wax from honeybees and combining it with a colored pigment to bind color into stone!